Parlor is a leisure-focused private members' club located in Soho, New York. They are known for their exceptional taste and extreme exclusivity. Parlor aims to be the one place where valuable social connections are made between professionals in the fields of fashion, finance and arts.


As a result of their growth over the last few years, the Parlor-team wanted to take their brand to a new high-end level. They asked me to help them create a luxurious and exclusive online feel while maintaining sophisticated and cohesive. Together we made moodboards, stylescapes and prototypes. My role was mainly aiding the team to visualize and structure their brand and revisit the membership application flow.

For this project I curated photography from over 100+ independent fashion- and food-photographers. Together with the team we created a list of images they could use for their website, prints and social media.


The deliverables for this project were photographs, slidedecks, a brand visionboard, typography and prototypes.


The photographs used in this case are owned by the following talented artists:


Anne Combaz

Cayla Zahoran

Daniel Krieger

Sasha Gitin

Serichai Traipoom