Always Hello is a mobile application created by Banda B.V. that makes sure it's users always has the correct contact details of everyone they know. Whenever someone changes their phone number, email address, twitter handle etc, this will all automatically be changed in your native contactlist.  Always Hello aims to be the biggest provider of seamless contact exchange worldwide.


I was asked to create a full brand new visual style for their online and offline identity, making it look and feel as fresh and vibrant as their new target group, young professionals. Together we created a new logo, a new styleguide and our own unique illustrative style.

As for the branding, I created a bold and vibrant visual style and combined it with a more professional and sophisticated type and photography style.


For our identity we used the most common way of saying 'Hello', a smile, as the main symbol. The smile is incorporated throughout the entire style.

For the crowdfunding campaign Always Hello entered, we wanted to do something a bit more modern and cool, so we created a selection of characters that matched the visual style we already created.


These characters were part of an animation video that was used for the crowdfunding platform.

Visit Always Hello in the App Store or Google Play Store

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